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The Dolphin called in with 41 Sandbass, 3 Calico Bass, 1 Halibut , 7 Sculpin, 13 Sand Bass Released and 15 Calico Bass Released for 9 anglers. Dont forget to check...

Posted at 03:24 pm on 01-21-2022 by Fishermans Landing Staff
trip 22-1 Twin yellowfin
Independence - San Diego, CA

This photo just came in..we have a set of twins....on another note..the boat will arrive at 5am Saturday morning..Thanks to everyone that was understanding about our internet, that they cannot...

Posted at 02:59 pm on 01-21-2022 by Indy Crew
Dan Hannegan Memorial 15 Day Return
Intrepid - San Diego, CA

Captain Bill Cavanaugh of the Intrepid out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego, CA called in to us today. It is Friday midday. We are wrapping a 15 Day trip, we get in on...

Posted at 02:38 pm on 01-21-2022 by Bill Cavanaugh
New Seaforth Extended Half Day

The New Seaforth is a Definite run for tomorrow. They have plenty of availability this weekend. Make your reservations now and take advantage of light loads and beautiful weather. Valid...

Posted at 11:43 am on 01-21-2022 by Seaforth Staff
Extended Half Day Success

The New Seaforth has had some great rockfishing down south in Mexican waters on their Extended Half Day trips these past few weeks. They ended their trip today just shy...

Posted at 04:00 pm on 01-20-2022 by Seaforth Staff
The 16-day Team Hoo Cow Hunt is off and running!
Excel - San Diego, CA

The 16-day Team Hoo Cow Hunt is off and running!   We made it to the Bank late yesterday and we have steady action on tuna up to 160#. The weather was...

Posted at 01:16 pm on 01-20-2022 by Jason Gross
Trigger fish and bass biting on the SoCal
Southern Cal - Oceanside, CA

Despite our bad luck and bad timing of the Chubasco 2 breaking down before we sent out our 1/2 day, we saw it through and took the SoCal out. Capt...

Posted at 08:26 am on 01-20-2022 by Ernie Prieto
2.5 Day Return & Upcoming Trips

The Pacific Voyager returned this morning from a 2.5 Day trip down south in Mexican waters with 96 decent Yellowtail for their 15 anglers. The Tribute returned yesterday from their...

Posted at 05:01 pm on 01-19-2022 by Seaforth Staff
Independence - San Diego, CA

Hi Friends and Families. I just spoke to our Skipper moments ago on one of our SAT phone. We would like to appologize for no contact during this trip...Internet and...

Posted at 04:42 pm on 01-19-2022 by Brian Pifer
2.5 Day Baja Coastal Trip
Tribute - San Diego, CA

Good yellowtail and rockfishing on our 2.5 day @seekerrods sponsored trip! Ended up with over 60 yellows and 179 reds with plenty of other mixed rockfish! Sold out on the...

Posted at 09:28 am on 01-19-2022 by Mike Pritchard
Up coming Trips!!

1/19/2021 The Dolphin Halibut Derby trip caught 10 Sandbass, 2 Sculpin, 1 Halibut, 11 Calico bass Relessed, 10 Sandbass Rlessed, 5 Halibut Relessed for 29 anglers. The Dolphin is up and running.  The...

Posted at 05:29 pm on 01-18-2022 by Fishermans Landing Staff
Upcoming Trips - Colonet and Extended Half Day

The Tribute returned yesterday from their 2.5 Day trip to Punta Colonet with a load of great Yellowtail, Barracuda and an assortment of tasty groundfish for their group of anglers....

Posted at 04:05 pm on 01-18-2022 by Seaforth Staff
Mixed Bag Action Today
Patriot (Newport) - Newport Beach, CA

Really nice fishin’ today on the @patriotsportfishing with 20 sculpin 6 sand bass 1 calico bass and 75 perch today for 22 anglers. Amazing weather conditions through Friday this week...

Posted at 06:12 pm on 01-17-2022 by Newport Landing Staff
Wintertime Yellows, Bonus Barracuda and Rockfish!

The Tribute returned from their 2.5 Day Baja Coast trip with 68 Yellowtail, 40 Barracuda, 22 Lingcod, 179 Vermillion Rockfish, 51 Whitefish, 84 Assorted Rockfish and 25 Sheephead for...

Posted at 04:01 pm on 01-17-2022 by Seaforth Staff
Monday Update

The Daily Double 1/2 day trip caught 5 Sculpin and 2 Sand Bass.    Upcoming trips: The ½ day boat Daily Double is scheduled to depart at 8:30 am every day. Trips are limited to 29 passengers....

Posted at 03:48 pm on 01-17-2022 by Big Hungry
Upcoming Trips at H&M Landing

The Malihini is running 3/4 day Rock cod and Ling cod trips fishing in Mexican waters!  They are scheduled to depart daily at 6AM! (Passport required)  Book Here The next Relentless 1.5 day departs this Friday...

Posted at 01:41 pm on 01-17-2022 by H&M Landing
Accurate 14 day trip home
American Angler - San Diego, CA

The guys returned with a beautiful catch of tuna and a smattering of wahoo in the mix.   a huge thanks to Gary Teraoka who makes every day feel like Christmas with...

Posted at 12:03 pm on 01-17-2022 by American Angler
That’s a wrap folks!!!
Shogun - San Diego, CA

That’s a wrap folks!!! Shogun wrapped up their season with an epic 14-day trip. They returned with a few wells of yellowfin tuna and wahoo. Now we have some boat...

Posted at 08:27 am on 01-17-2022 by Shogun Office Staff
More Icing on the Cake
Royal Polaris - San Diego, CA

Today we stopped to fish at the rocks. We got to fish all day. We started off making some nice bigger bait to fish Yellowtail and grouper. We scored ten...

Posted at 08:04 am on 01-17-2022 by Royal Polaris Crew
Sunday Updates

Update: 12:30 PM The Tribute just reported in from the second day of their 2.5 Day Baja Coast trip with 40+ Yellowtail and some great Vermillions, Lingcod, and Sheephead aboard...

Posted at 10:44 am on 01-16-2022 by Seaforth Staff

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