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Fish Reports - Page 4
Slow Morning
Intrepid - San Diego, CA

Hi Gang, After some good shots at trophies the night before, we flat lined the next morning. Although we stopped on a lot of fish, we didn't get many bites. So,...

Posted at 08:05 am on 09-18-2021 by Bill Cavanaugh
Saturday Morning Update

The Pacific Islander returned from their 2.5 day trip with 21 anglers catching 84 Bluefin (LIMITS), 6 Yellowtail, and 4 Yellowfin. The Bluefin were between 30 and 260 lbs.     Open party...

Posted at 07:47 am on 09-18-2021 by Big Hungry
3.5 day Bluefin Wrap-up
Searcher - San Diego, CA

Good morning anglers, Very good opportunity last night with 120-200lb fish on the flat falls.  We gave it until about 11:30 and scored some trophys.  We have been plunking on this 30lb...

Posted at 06:13 am on 09-18-2021 by Team Searcher
Back to earth
Royal Star - San Diego, CA

The fish were in a lethargic mood today in this flat calm weather but we still put together a respectable day. We managed to boat 25 bft from 30 to...

Posted at 04:44 am on 09-18-2021 by Brian Sims
They’re hittin’
New Lo-An - San Diego, CA

These bluefin are seriously starting to get on the bite!  The guys had limits of bft for their last three day trip.  The majority were 130-240#, with a few handfuls...

Posted at 08:56 pm on 09-17-2021 by Markus Medak
All day everyday, fishing
Pacifica - San Diego, CA

The Pacifica out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego,CA checked in with us today: All day everyday, fishing. We are seeing good sign of both school size fish and jumbos. Grab your @pennfishing...

Posted at 08:26 pm on 09-17-2021 by Andrew Viola
Encouraging sign offshore today
San Diego - San Diego, CA

The San Diego out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego,CA checked in with us today: 47 yellowfin 28 bluefin. Encouraging sign offshore today, 25-40lb flyline and 42-60gram colt snipers worked best.

Posted at 08:00 pm on 09-17-2021 by Ryan Bostian
Aloha Spirit Fish Count
Aloha Spirit - Oxnard, CA

Today’s fish count 17 passengers 170 rockfish 85 whitefish 12 sheephead 5 lingcod 1 sculpin ...

Posted at 07:59 pm on 09-17-2021 by Shawn Steward
Turners Sponsored Overnight
Coral Sea - Santa Barbara, CA

Overnight Trip - Our Turner's Outdoorsman sponsored trip was a success. Fun shallow water fishing for the guys.  17 Anglers  25 Lingcod 167 Rockfish  3 Cabezon  25 Whitefish  Call sea landing at 805-963-3564 or book online at...

Posted at 07:04 pm on 09-17-2021 by Jamie Diamond
Great Island Fishing
Stardust - Santa Barbara, CA

Good afternoon, heading in from SRI. We had an excellent day, got our limits of rockfish in the deeper water and had time to do a quick drift in the...

Posted at 05:00 pm on 09-17-2021 by Jamie Diamond
Friday Repot

Update 7:45 PM The Tribute checked in on day one of a 2.5 Day trip with 32 Bluefin Tuna. The Bluefin range from 30lbs to 213lbs. Flyline baits and...

Posted at 04:38 pm on 09-17-2021 by Seaforth Staff
Lovely Martha checks in
Lovely Martha - San Francisco, CA

9/17/21. Today we caught 5 salmon to 26lbs.  We have lots of room MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY.  Make your reservation on our website at  Or call Capt. Mike 650-619-6629 Let’s go...

Posted at 03:51 pm on 09-17-2021 by Mike Rescino
The Yellowfin are biting

It's Not Over- DON'T MISS THE BOAT! 1/2 Day   *   Full Day   *   Overnight   *   Multi-Day *  Complete Calendar Book Your Deep Sea Adventure Today. On the Water: Old Glory Overnight:  40 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Bluefin...

Posted at 02:13 pm on 09-17-2021 by H&M Landing
SBCSD Tuna Slam 8 Day
Intrepid - San Diego, CA

Hi Gang, We departed yesterday morming on our annual San Bernadino County Sheriffs Department 8 day. After getting a beautiful load of bait we cleared the point and headed west. Our...

Posted at 08:23 am on 09-17-2021 by Bill Cavanaugh

09-17-2021 The Outrider called in with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (40) up to 160lbs for 10 anglers on their 1.75 Day trip.  The Dolphin 3/4 day trip caught 81 mixed Rockfish and...

Posted at 08:11 am on 09-17-2021 by Fishermans Landing Staff
Friday Updates

Update 1:45 PM The Sea Watch reported in from their Full Day offshore trip with 5 Bluefin Tuna 25 to 60lbs) and 3 Yellowfin Tuna (10-25lbs) Update 1:15 PM The San...

Posted at 07:02 am on 09-17-2021 by Seaforth Staff
Friday Afternoon Update

Daily Double • 1/2 Day Twilight • 9 • 23 Whitefish, 16 Rockfish, 4 Sculpin, 1 Lingcod  New Lo-An • 3 Day • 10 • 60 Bluefin Tuna (up to 250 pounds) The Pacific...

Posted at 03:29 am on 09-17-2021 by Big Hungry
Royal Star - San Diego, CA

We got to the bft grounds last night on our Waterman's ball 3 day and immediately got in the game. Steady flat falling through the night produced 19 bft over...

Posted at 08:02 pm on 09-16-2021 by Brian Sims
The San Diego Report
San Diego - San Diego, CA

The San Diego out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego,CA checked in with us today: 4 bluefin 27 dorado 5 yellowtail 1 skipjack.

Posted at 07:45 pm on 09-16-2021 by Ryan Bostian
Guadalupe Island only trips!!!
Excel - San Diego, CA

Guadalupe Island only trips!!! We are pleased to announce the addition of two new trips to our schedule that will be going and only fishing at Guadalupe Island in December. #1 -...

Posted at 06:11 pm on 09-16-2021 by Jason Gross

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